Список минифигурок пользователя takara
LEGO 2327pb20 Duplo 2 x 2 x 2 Figure Brick, Blue Base with suspenders, yellow head with smile and freckles above nose, red male hair 1 x 2327pb20
LEGO 2661 Minnie Mouse Figure with Red Dress, Yellow Sleeves, and Red Shoes 1 x 2661
LEGO 33254 Mickey Mouse Figure with Blue Overalls, Green Sleeves, Blue Cap 1 x 33254
LEGO 33254b Mickey Mouse Figure with Blue Shirt, Red Pants (no cap) 1 x 33254b
LEGO 51635 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Whenua 1 x 51635
LEGO 51636 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Matau 1 x 51636
LEGO 51637 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Vakama 1 x 51637
LEGO 51638 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Nokama 1 x 51638
LEGO 51639 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Onewa 1 x 51639
LEGO 51640 Bionicle Mini - Toa Hordika Nuju 1 x 51640
LEGO 51991a Bionicle Mini - Visorak Boggarak 1 x 51991a
LEGO 51991b Bionicle Mini - Visorak Keelerak 1 x 51991b
LEGO 51991c Bionicle Mini - Visorak Oohnorak 2 x 51991c
LEGO 51991d Bionicle Mini - Visorak Roporak 1 x 51991d
LEGO 51991e Bionicle Mini - Visorak Suukorak 2 x 51991e
LEGO 51991f Bionicle Mini - Visorak Vohtarak 1 x 51991f
LEGO adv010 Johnny Thunder (Desert) 1 x adv010
LEGO agt004 Agent Chase - Dual Sided Head, Neck Bracket 1 x agt004
LEGO agt005 Saw Fist 1 x agt005
LEGO alp027 Flex, Alpha Team Arctic 1 x alp027
LEGO cas407 Fantasy Era - Crown Knight Scale Mail with Chest Strap, Helmet with Neck Protector, Beard around Mouth 1 x cas407
LEGO col013 Spaceman - Minifig only Entry 1 x col013
LEGO col048 Gorilla Suit Guy - Minifig only Entry 1 x col048
LEGO col049 Lawn Gnome - Minifig only Entry 1 x col049
LEGO col052 Punk Rocker - Minifig only Entry 1 x col052
LEGO col061 Hazmat Guy - Minifig only Entry 1 x col061
LEGO cty0221 Spacesuit, White Legs, Blue Short Bill Cap, Brown Eyebrows 1 x cty0221
LEGO cty0240 White Hoodie with Blue Pockets, Dark Green Legs, Dark Orange Short Tousled Hair 1 x cty0240
LEGO cty0241 Police - City Suit with Blue Tie and Badge, Black Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair over Shoulder 1 x cty0241
LEGO cty0242 Police - City Leather Jacket with Gold Badge, White Helmet, Trans-Black Visor, Black Eyebrows 1 x cty0242
LEGO exf005 Hikaru 1 x exf005
LEGO exf007 Ryo - Purple Hair, Headband 1 x exf007
LEGO exf008 Robot Iron Drone - Red Eyes 1 x exf008
LEGO hp006 Ron Weasley, Blue Sweater 1 x hp006
LEGO hp023 Uncle Vernon Dursley 1 x hp023
LEGO hp025 Harry Potter, Red Shirt Torso, Light Gray Legs 1 x hp025
LEGO js001 Fireman in Hat #01 1 x js001
LEGO js002 Jack Stone - Blue Jacket, Blue Pants, Gray Shirt 1 x js002
LEGO js007 Fireman in Hat #07 1 x js007
LEGO mm001 Mars Mission Alien with Marbled Glow In Dark Torso 1 x mm001
LEGO mm003 Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Messy Hair and Stubble 1 x mm003
LEGO mm006 Mars Mission Mini Robot (Complete Assembly) 1 x mm006
LEGO njo015 Cole DX - Dragon Suit 1 x njo015
LEGO njo022 Bonezai - with Armor 1 x njo022
LEGO pi102 Pirate Blue Jacket 1 x pi102
LEGO spd017 J. Jonah Jameson - Vest with Striped Tie 1 x spd017
LEGO spd027 Dr. Octopus / Doc Ock, Sand Green Jacket, Sand Green Legs, Clenched Teeth Smile - With Arms 1 x spd027
LEGO spd028 Spider-Man 3 - Dark Blue Arms / Legs 1 x spd028
LEGO spd030 Subway Train Conductor 1 x spd030
LEGO stu001 Cameraman, Blue Legs, Blue Cap 1 x stu001
LEGO sw029 R5-D4 1 x sw029
LEGO sw118 Clone Pilot 3 x sw118
LEGO sw201 Clone Trooper Clone Wars 2 x sw201
LEGO sw221 Clone Gunner 1 x sw221
LEGO sw222 Assassin Droid Elite (Black) 2 x sw222
LEGO sw223 Clone Commander (8014) 1 x sw223
LEGO sw227 Rocket Droid Commander (Battle) 1 x sw227
LEGO sw228 Rocket Battle Droid 2 x sw228
LEGO sw229 Assassin Droid (Silver) 3 x sw229
LEGO sw296 Mandalorian 4 x sw296
LEGO sw297 ARF Trooper 1 x sw297
LEGO sw298 Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Sand Green Markings 1 x sw298
LEGO sw299 Bomb Squad Trooper 2 x sw299