Список минифигурок пользователя balthazarr
LEGO but016 Shirt with 6 Buttons - Blue, Blue Legs, White Cap 2 x but016
LEGO cas328 Fantasy Era - Skeleton Warrior 2, White 1 x cas328
LEGO cas330 Fantasy Era - Skeleton Warrior 4, White, Black Breastplate and Helmet, Dark Red Hips and Black Legs 1 x cas330
LEGO cas335 Fantasy Era - Crown Knight Plain with Breastplate, Helmet with Visor, Curly Eyebrows and Goatee, Dark Bluish Gray Hips and Legs 1 x cas335
LEGO cas336 Fantasy Era - Crown Knight Scale Mail with Chest Strap, Helmet with Broad Brim, Smirk and Stubble Beard 1 x cas336
LEGO cas337 Fantasy Era - Crown Knight Scale Mail with Crown, Helmet with Neck Protector, Scowl 1 x cas337
LEGO cas439 Kingdoms - Dragon Knight Quarters, Helmet with Neck Protector, Bared Teeth 1 x cas439
LEGO cas461 Kingdoms - Dragon Knight Quarters, Helmet with Neck Protector, Moustache and Stubble 1 x cas461
LEGO cas485 Kingdoms - Dragon Knight Scale Mail with Chain and Belt, Helmet with Neck Protector, Bared Teeth 1 x cas485
LEGO cas486 Kingdoms - Lion King 1 x cas486
LEGO cas487 Kingdoms - Dragon Knight Quarters, Helmet with Broad Brim, Gold Tooth 1 x cas487
LEGO cas488 Kingdoms - Dragon Knight Scale Mail with Chain and Belt, Helmet with Broad Brim, Quiver 1 x cas488
LEGO cas489 Kingdoms - Peasant, Child 1 x cas489
LEGO cas490 Kingdoms - Peasant, Maiden 1 x cas490
LEGO cas491 Kingdoms - Peasant, Male with Dark Brown Hood 1 x cas491
LEGO cas498 Kingdoms - Lion Knight Quarters, Helmet with Broad Brim, Vertical Cheek Lines, Mouth Closed / Mouth Open Scared Pattern 1 x cas498
LEGO cas523 Castle - King 1 x cas523
LEGO cas524 Castle - Dragon Knight Armor with Dragon Head, Helmet Closed, Red Plume, Black Bushy Eyebrows 1 x cas524
LEGO cas525 Castle - Dragon Knight Scale Mail with Dragon Shield and Shoulder Armor, Helmet with Neck Protector, Black Beard 1 x cas525
LEGO cas526 Castle - King 1 x cas526
LEGO cas533 Castle - Lion Princess 1 x cas533
LEGO cas534 Castle - Dragon Wizard 1 x cas534
LEGO cas535 Castle - King 1 x cas535
LEGO cas536 Castle - King 1 x cas536
LEGO cas537 Castle - Dragon Knight Scale Mail with Dragon Shield, Cheek Protection Helmet, Bushy Eyebrows 1 x cas537
LEGO cty0450 Police - City Officer, Gold Badge, Police Hat, Sunglasses 1 x cty0450
LEGO cty0451 Police - City Bandit Female 1 x cty0451
LEGO cty0452 Police - City Bandit Male with Black Stubble and Backpack 1 x cty0452
LEGO cty0492 Arctic Explorer, Male with Orange Goggles 1 x cty0492
LEGO cty0493 Arctic Explorer, Male with Green Goggles 1 x cty0493
LEGO firec001 Fire - Classic, White Fire Helmet 2 x firec001
LEGO firec005 Fire - Classic, White Classic Helmet 1 x firec005
LEGO gen001 Skeleton with Standard Skull 3 x gen001
LEGO gen019 Skeleton, Fantasy Era Torso with Standard Skull, Mechanical Arms Straight 1 x gen019
LEGO lor001 Gandalf the Grey - Wizard / Witch Hat 2 x lor001
LEGO lor002 Frodo Baggins - Sand Green Shirt 1 x lor002
LEGO lor006 Uruk-hai 1 x lor006
LEGO lor007 Uruk-hai - Helmet 2 x lor007
LEGO lor008 Uruk-hai - Helmet and Armor 4 x lor008
LEGO lor009 Rohan Soldier 1 x lor009
LEGO lor010 Eomer 1 x lor010
LEGO lor011 Moria Orc - Olive Green 2 x lor011
LEGO lor012 Pippin 1 x lor012
LEGO lor013 Gimli 2 x lor013
LEGO lor014 Boromir 1 x lor014
LEGO lor015 Legolas 1 x lor015
LEGO lor016 Merry 1 x lor016
LEGO lor017 Aragorn 2 x lor017
LEGO lor018 Ringwraith 2 x lor018
LEGO lor019 Uruk-hai - Berserker 1 x lor019
LEGO lor020 Haldir 1 x lor020
LEGO lor021 King Theoden 1 x lor021
LEGO lor027 Cave Troll 1 x lor027
LEGO lor028 Frodo Baggins - Dark Green Cape 1 x lor028
LEGO lor029 Bilbo Baggins - Suspenders 1 x lor029
LEGO lor030 Bilbo Baggins - Dark Red Coat 1 x lor030
LEGO lor049 Balin the Dwarf 1 x lor049
LEGO lor050 Dwalin the Dwarf 1 x lor050
LEGO lor051 Bombur the Dwarf 1 x lor051
LEGO lor052 Bofur the Dwarf 1 x lor052
LEGO lor053 Mirkwood Elf Guard 1 x lor053
LEGO lor054 Mirkwood Elf Chief 1 x lor054
LEGO lor055 Gloin the Dwarf 1 x lor055
LEGO lor056 Oin the Dwarf 1 x lor056
LEGO pop004 Dastan - Scabbard 1 x pop004
LEGO pop005 Ghazab - Hatchet Hassansin 1 x pop005
LEGO pop006 Setam - Claw Hassansin 1 x pop006
LEGO pop007 Dastan - Shirtless, Scabbard 1 x pop007
LEGO pop008 Ostrich Jockey 1 x pop008
LEGO pop009 Sheik Amar 1 x pop009
LEGO sh087 The Flash 1 x sh087
LEGO sh147 Gorilla Grodd 1 x sh147
LEGO sh148 Captain Cold 1 x sh148
LEGO sh149 Truck Driver - Overalls 1 x sh149
LEGO sh150 Wonder Woman - Dark Blue Legs 1 x sh150
LEGO sh151 Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape 1 x sh151
LEGO sw098 Luke Skywalker (Hoth) 1 x sw098
LEGO sw115 Snowtrooper, Light Bluish Gray Hips, White Hands 2 x sw115
LEGO sw217 R2-D2 (Light Bluish Gray Head) 1 x sw217
LEGO sw260 Zev Senesca 1 x sw260
LEGO sw261 Imperial Officer Hoth Battle Pack 1 x sw261
LEGO sw262 AT-AT Driver Hoth Battle Pack 1 x sw262
LEGO sw364 Stormtrooper (Tatooine) with Orange Pauldron, Re-Breather on Back, Dirt Stains, Patterned Head (Sandtrooper Squad Leader) (9490) 1 x sw364
LEGO sw365 C-3PO - Colorful Wires Pattern 1 x sw365
LEGO sw383 Stormtrooper (Tatooine) with White Pauldron, Re-Breather on Back, Dirt Stains , Patterned Head (Sandtrooper Sergeant) (9490) 1 x sw383
LEGO sw578 Stormtrooper (Printed Legs, Dark Azure Helmet Vents) 3 x sw578
LEGO sw617 Stormtrooper (Printed Legs, Dark Azure Helmet Vents, Frown) 2 x sw617
LEGO sw621 Tie Fighter Pilot (Rebels) 1 x sw621
LEGO sw622 The Inquisitor 1 x sw622
LEGO sw623 Imperial Officer - Dark Tan outfit 1 x sw623
LEGO sw624 AT-DP Pilot 2 x sw624
LEGO sw625 Agent Kallus 1 x sw625
LEGO tlm017 Wyldstyle with Hood 1 x tlm017
LEGO tlm018 Emmet - Lopsided Closed Mouth Smile, with Piece of Resistance 2 x tlm018
LEGO tlm023 Sheriff Not-a-robot 1 x tlm023
LEGO tlm024 Deputron 1 x tlm024
LEGO tlm025 Robo SWAT 1 x tlm025
LEGO tlr001 Lone Ranger 2 x tlr001
LEGO tlr002 Tonto 1 x tlr002
LEGO tlr003 Red Knee 1 x tlr003
LEGO tlr019 Cavalry Soldier - Backpack, Black Eyebrows, Crooked Smile 1 x tlr019
LEGO tlr020 Cavalry Soldier - Brown Eyebrows, Stubble 1 x tlr020
LEGO tlr021 Cavalry Soldier - Backpack, Brown Eyebrows, Crooked Open Smile, Beard 1 x tlr021
LEGO vik002 Viking Warrior 3d 1 x vik002
LEGO vik003 Viking Warrior 4c 1 x vik003
LEGO vik016 Viking Warrior 2b 1 x vik016
LEGO vik017 Viking Warrior 6a 1 x vik017
LEGO vik018 Viking Warrior 5d 1 x vik018
LEGO vik019 Viking Warrior 1b 1 x vik019
LEGO vik020 Viking Warrior 3b 1 x vik020
LEGO vik021 Viking Warrior 5c 1 x vik021
LEGO vik022 Viking Warrior 1c 1 x vik022